What to Do Before Selling Your Home

Although we might buy our homes with the vision of living there forever: most of us come to a point where it’s time to sell it.  Whether you’ve outgrown it or you want to move to another city, listing your home for sale is a large step that will push you towards the next phase of your life.

Unfortunately, many people rush their properties to market before they’re fully prepared for it.  Follow each of these steps, and by the time you’re ready to sell, your home will be equipped too.

Deep Clean From Top to Bottom

Although we all logically understand that nearly any surface can be cleaned, most people can’t help but feel a bias or disgust if they enter a home and it has residue of the previous owners.  Nobody wants to think about who the last person to sit on a toilet was when trying to plan out their lives in the building. So scrub every inch of your home, dust, mop, and if you have time, put down a fresh coat of paint to ensure that each room looks crisp and clean.

Ensure You’re In The Best Market For It.

If you don’t have to sell immediately, look at the market and consider if it’s the best time to sell.  A seller closing costs calculator can only take you so far if it’s a buyers’ market and they try to talk you fifty thousand dollars below the asking price.  Don’t risk selling for far less than the property is worth, and instead, wait it out.  This option is only available to those who aren’t on a fixed timeline or haven’t already purchased another home they’ll have to make payments on.

Consider Staging Your Home

Homes that are staged well, with thought put into the interior design, and furniture that looks modern, sell faster and for more money.  Nine out of tell well-staged homes sell within the first two weeks on the market, ensuring that if you want to get your home sold quickly, this is the only way to do it.

Unfortunately, some financial burden comes with it, since renting this furniture and hiring the service can cost between one to four hundred dollars a month.  If you can handle it, though, you’ll be lined up to earn tens of thousands back above your home’s value.

Find an Agent or Realtor You Trust

If you’ve never sold a home before, or you want the input of a seasoned professional on your side: you should look for a realtor or real estate agent.  Because selling and buying homes is their entire career, they can guide you through the steps of selling your home and ensure that you feel prepared for everything that comes with the process.  Although they aren’t free, with the average fee being between three to six percent of your property’s final sale cost, they can ensure that your home sells faster and will bargain against buyers with you to help you get every cent that you deserve for your property.