5 Smart Tips For Saving Money While Trailer Camping

As the saying goes, “a penny saved is a penny earned,” every penny you save while travelling with your trailer is going to help you in your next adventures or at least for the trailer repairs.

Though RV life can burn a big hole in your pockets, some simple habits can help you alleviate some financial pressure. Even a simple step of choosing lightweight travel trailers can save you a lot of money. To help you further, here are five smart tips for saving money while trailer camping.

1. Carefully choose your destination

An expensive destination will cost you more; it’s as simple as that. Even if you live in your trailer, you still need fuel, groceries, staples, etc. Even the campgrounds fees may vary according to the destination.

If you are someone who gets more excited about the journey than the destination, you can save a lot of money while visiting and staying at different places.

Though choosing less expensive destinations can go easy on your pocket, sometimes, the destination may be non-negotiable, so in such cases, try to look at saving on other expenses.

2. Make the most of your stay

To truly enjoy any place, you need to spend more time there. Many people make the mistake of not leaving their trailer. When you travel to different places, try to explore the surroundings, meet new people, visit local places and tourist attractions.

You can also participate in different local activities like hiking, kayaking, etc., to make the best of your stay. Doing all this will help to enrich your travel experience and make it worth the money you spend.

3. Choose the shoulder season.

If you are relatively new to trailer camping, you may not know what shoulder season is. The shoulder season is the time when popular tourist attractions attract fewer crowds.

As there are not many tourists around, the prices are more likely to go down. You can schedule your stay according to the season to save big while travelling. However, remember to factor in weather changes, as it’s one of the reasons “shoulder season” exists.

4. Choose lightweight trailers

Lightweight travel trailers are a more sensible choice if you plan to save some serious money. Carrying a trailer around puts a lot of additional pressure on your truck.

It consumes more fuel when the trailer load increases. Smaller trailers are way lighter than bigger trailers as they are more pocket friendly to move around and less expensive to maintain.

5. Use your trailer kitchen.

When your trailer already has a kitchen, why would you spend money eating out in restaurants? Grabbing a bite from a local food joint is okay, but it makes no sense to eat out every day when you have a perfectly functioning kitchen in your trailer.

Posh restaurants charge hefty amounts on their food, and they levy numerous fancy taxes too. Carrying groceries and cooking your own food in your trailer kitchen is an excellent way to save money.

A true traveller knows that it’s about the journey and not the destination. If saving a few bucks can give you more life-enriching experiences on the road, try to save every penny you can.