Top 10 Luxury Gift Ideas for Your Man

typical dinner setting at a fancy restaurant

All of us struggle in finding the perfect gift for our loved ones, as we would often have to know first our loved one’s hobbies, likes, and favorites before we can decide on what we could give them. But, what if our husband or boyfriend has everything? Then, it would obviously be much harder to … Read more

The Most Expensive Wall Clocks in History

an antique wooden wall clock

Before, wall clocks are one of the essential items in households, as it is one of the sources of time when at home aside from wristwatches. But as technology advances, many people are no longer using wall clocks at home as they can conveniently check the time from their smartphones, laptops, tablets, and smartwatches. Even … Read more

The Most Expensive Diamond Rings of All Time

a luxurious diamond ring

Diamond is one of the most sought-after gemstones when it comes to rings and other jewelry pieces. While all of them are mined from the Earth, not all diamonds are made equal. The rarest ones are those large in size or with extraordinary color and clarity. And if a diamond is rare, it also means … Read more

Learn About the Interesting Facts and History of Rubies

Shrouded by glamor and mystery, the history of rubies a rich and long story, dating back for thousands of years. The fascinating stones have been mentioned in the Bible, became the symbolism of success, love, passion, and devotion. For ancient warriors, they were considered as their talisman of protection on the battlefield, and for royal … Read more

Unique and Luxury Gifts for the Woman Who Has It All

Buying gifts for your friends and family is a challenging task because you need to think about their personalities and the things they love. For women, some of the usual gifts we give are fashion accessories, clothes, shoes, and anything that can be worn. However, most of us have that one girlfriend who is kind … Read more

The Most Expensive Photographs Ever Sold

The Most Expensive Photographs Ever Sold

While most of us are taking selfies, groupfies, or photos of our food, there are photographers who are making millions out of their breathtaking, visionary and creative photos. You might wonder, “What made these photographs worth tons of money when cameras are so common in the form of smartphones  and when photo editing software and … Read more

Thrift Store Finds That End Up as Valuable Treasures

Thrift Store Finds That End Up as Valuable Treasures

Thrift stores are full of unwanted goods that others might want. Most items found there are used versions of merchandise you can see in stores, some are imported goods, and some are worth much more than the price they are being sold. It’s rare to find valuable treasures in thrift stores, but these shoppers were … Read more

Ten Most Expensive Paintings in History

Ten Most Expensive Paintings in History

Planning to snap up a highly-valued piece of artwork to add to your private collection? Then you may consider any of these ten most expensive paintings in the world! 1. When-Will-You-Marry Paul Gauguin’s 1892 oil masterpiece of two Tahitian ladies shattered previous records of being the most expensive single artwork ever sold. In 2015 it … Read more

Interesting Facts About Diamonds

Interesting Facts about Diamonds

Diamonds are one of the most prized gemstones in the world and it could fetch hundreds and millions of dollars! Durable and dazzling, it also has interesting facts and stories that will amaze you more! 1. The name Diamond The word comes from “adamas,” a Greek word which means “unconquerable,” “indestructible,” or “unbreakable.” It is … Read more

How the Price of Gold and Other Precious Metals Is Set

How the Price of Gold and other Precious Metals is Set

Whether you are going to sell or trade precious metals, you must know and understand how their prices are determined. Remember that setting the prices of precious metals is not the same as determining the value of assets like equities or fixed income, nor it is easy. In this gallery, we are going to provide … Read more

Very Expensive Wines

Very Expensive Wines

In this gallery we list some of the most expensive wines in the world. Like other high-priced alcoholic beverages, the longer a wine is bottled, the rarer and more expensive it gets. Wines add the color and grandiosity to even a simple celebration or any other occasion. Devoted wine connoisseurs are often willing to pay a … Read more

The Most Famous Jewels in the World

The Most Famous Jewels In The World

Here in this gallery, we highlight some of the most famous, most fabulous — not to mention most expensive — jewels in the world! This 68-carat diamond ring was given to actress Elizabeth Taylor by her husband, actor Richard Burton in 1968. Taylor found the diamond too big and heavy for a ring, so she … Read more

Most Expensive Toys

Most Expensive Toys

Many impassioned toy collectors don’t mind coughing up hundreds or even thousands of dollars just to have those rare little pieces of childhood nostalgia in their own hands. On the other hand, the rich and famous won’t settle for just an ordinary knickknack — it has to have some bling to it! And their prices obviously … Read more