8 Surprising Benefits of Choosing Flexible Solar Panels

The share of American homeowners considering installing solar panels currently stands at over 46 percent. This is a steady increase from just 40% in the year 2016.

Solar panels have evolved from the traditional rigid silicon panels to a more lightweight and flexible modern option.

Have you given the idea of installing solar in your home a serious thought yet? If not, you need to consider the benefits of installing flexible solar panels as part of your next home improvement projects.

Apart from the known benefits of solar, flexible solar panels have a range of other positives. Read on to learn more about the benefits of flexible solar panels.

1. Cost-Effective

Home improvement projects can be an expensive undertaking. It’s important to consider any option that saves you an extra dollar. Flexible solar panels will likely require less installation cost compared to classic solar panels.

The fact that these flexible solar panels require less labor in the installation phase contributes to significant cost reduction. Installing the classic solar panels often requires an additional workforce.

Such additional labor requirement is due to the intricate mounting process. However, with flexible solar panels, there’s less labor involved, which helps save on costs.

2. Flexible Solar Panels Are Lightweight  

The first thing that comes to anyone’s minds when thinking about solar panels is bulky panes capable of causing stress on the roof. The description is accurate for the older solar panel versions.

Such underlying bulkiness was a matter of concern during installation.

With the newer flexible solar panels, weight shouldn’t be a concern. These panels are light enough to fit on top of any roof without causing damages. You also get to incur less on installation, considering that you don’t need a significant workforce to mount the panels.

3. Flexibility 

There’s no doubt that flexible solar panels are supple. These panels can fit into any space where most conventional solar panel options can’t.

If you’re looking for an option that will fit your roof type, you should go for flexible solar panels. You don’t have to worry about the roof’s structural integrity. Most of these types of panels rarely need space for sturdiness during installation.

4. Customizable 

Today’s home designs are more focused on the exterior aesthetics of a home. As such, most modern homes are now adopting classy roofs, which may not be suitable for classic solar panels. This may pose a dilemma for homeowners keen on maintaining the aesthetic appeal of their roofs.

Flexible solar panels have the perfect solution to this predicament. These panels can be shaped in a way that complements the intended installation surface.

Are you wondering whether there’re “solar installers near me” who can help you customize your flexible solar panels? All you need is a seasoned and reliable expert.

The ability to customize these panels ensures that your roof retains the aesthetic value while enjoying full solar power support at home. Most traditional solar systems lacked this vital aspect of ease of customization to suit the roof’s design and style.

5. Applicable in Supporting Solar Powered Cars

There’s an ongoing debate about the future of the transport sector. The discussion gravitates around the risk that current gasoline cars pose to the environment.  Such conversations come in the wake of calls for the world to embrace electric vehicles.

The best thing about flexible solar panels is that they are attachable to your car’s rooftop. Flexible solar panels can curve and align with the car’s design without any damages.

With this new knowledge, flexible solar panels may revolutionize the transport sector as more stakeholders call for environmentally friendly options.

6. Attachable to Any Material

The growing focus on the use of solar energy on portable applications will change how most portable appliances function. However, a significant hurdle so far has been how to attach such solar panels on these devices.

The introduction of thin, flexible solar panels has come to resolve this concern.

Today, you can attach a thin, flexible panel on desk lamps, desktop computers or copiers and enjoy solar energy on the go. What makes this approach unique is that flexible solar panels are attachable to any surface, including glass, plastic, metal, and fabrics.

You can now fulfill your outdoor activities with any portable appliance without the need for wires or electric connections.

7. Durability 

When connected well, a flexible solar panel can last longer compared to the classic solar option.

The growing demand for flexible solar panels is partly due to their ability to withstand wear and tear. Most standard monocrystalline or polycrystalline flexible solar panels comprise of 200 micrometers of thick silicon wafers.

The use of silicon wafers makes these solar panels durable and resistant to constant wear and tear. However, this is also dependent on proper maintenance.

Matched to the aluminum-framed glass panels which cover the classic solar panels, flexible solar panels have a more durable external covering.

8. Minimal Maintenance 

The best news about flexible solar panels is that they require low maintenance. Most flexible solar panels have a polymer top coating, limiting the extent of dirt and damage to the main solar body.

Compared to the traditional panels where you need to clean the solar at least twice a year, most flexible solar panels don’t need as much attention.

It’s time to Order Your Flexible Solar Panels

At least one in every four American homeowners are contemplating installing solar. The flexible solar panels are among the best power options for all your needs. These solar panels introduce cost effectiveness, durability, and flexibility for every homeowner.

Are you thinking of getting solar panels soon? Consider these eight benefits before making the decision. It will also help to work with a seasoned specialist in the installation of solar panels.

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