CBD vs THC: The Important Differences

The cannabidiol (CBD) industry recently grew by more than 700 percent recently. It’s a large and growing segment of the cannabis market, which is also going through a boom thanks to more widespread acceptance and legalization.

Make sure you learn about the differences between CBD and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) so that you can buy whatever you’re looking for. Here are some tips that’ll help you learn more about CBD vs THC as you shop for cannabis products.

THC Is More Psychoactive

The most striking difference between CBD and THC is that THC has stronger psychoactive effects.

One of the benefits of CBD for some people is that it offers therapeutic properties without getting you high. But if you are looking for psychoactive effects, THC products are just what you need.

Here are the main types of THC-rich cannabis that people try out:

  • Indica – These strains are high-THC, but have more CBD than Sativas. The CBD adds to the relaxing effects of cannabis. Indica strains are more likely to cause calming and sedative effects. This is why people often remember “Indica = In the couch” as a way to distinguish between them.
  • Sativa – Sativa strains have more THC and are known for their energizing qualities. They are lighter and more likely to make you feel euphoric and creative.
  • Hybrid – These strains are a mixture of Indicas and Sativas.

CBD Is More Legal

People are eager to buy CBD products today because they don’t come with the same stigma that THC brings. Not only does CBD not create a psychoactive high, but hemp-based CBD is also federally legal thanks to the Farm Bill of 2018.

Different states also have their own regulations of what types of CBD, if any, they’ll allow. While CBD is wildly legal, THC is still considered a Schedule 1 substance federally, and many states don’t allow its sale or consumption.

They Heal People Differently

Both THC and CBD provide healing properties. Here are some of the CBD and THC benefits that people look to take advantage of:

  • Different kinds of chronic pain
  • Insomnia issues
  • Mood issues like anxiety and depression
  • Problems with acid reflux, stomach pain, and other issues
  • The alleviation of stress

While CBD and THC are both helpful for these issues, they work in different ways. For instance, CBD oil and heavy CBD cannabis strains might be best for pain issues. However, you might choose to use topicals to rub it directly on your skin.

Even people that don’t like the high of THC recognize that it’s sometimes more useful when you need heavier effects. There’s trial and error involved anytime you decide to use any form of cannabis.

Understand the Entourage Effect, which explains that different cannabinoids work together better when combined, rather than separated. Learn more about the different types of CBD, such as true spectrum, full-spectrum, broad-spectrum CBD, and CBD isolate.

Get to Know CBD vs THC

The tips above will show you what you need to know when considering CBD vs THC. You’ll be a more informed cannabis consumer by considering the points in this article.

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