Guide to Buying a Good Car for Your Family

Buying a new car is one of the biggest financial investments most people make in their life. If you are a beginner and want to buy a new car, then it can be difficult to figure out where to begin from.

There will be lots of questions for you to answer, from the car you need to buy till the car you wish to buy. From the brand to its color, model, life, durability and above all the status it will add to your lifestyle, there is a lot associated with your decision.  

When I bought my first family car, I was nervous as well and had a lot of doubts and questions in mind, but after doing a lot of researches, I figured out what I needed to do and I am going to help you do the same.

Here’s a simple guide for you to think about all the possible factors before buying a car yourself and your family. Have a look:

5 Tips for buying a Good Car for your Family


1. Your location

Most people tend to skip this research but this is one of the most important and helpful answers to your question, ‘which car to buy’. Before you set your eyes on some of the fancy brands and models, you must know your environment. Are you living in a snowy place or rather where it rains often? Perhaps your location is around a dusty, sunny area where there are dust and dirt on the roads or at a hilly place where the roads are rocky and you need a car with stable and strong tires.

2. Identify your budget

Once you know your location, the next step is for you to find out your affordability. Buying a car is a luxury as well a need, hence your financial health will decide whether you can afford a luxury car or a simple car would also suffice. When you talk to dealers, you will get a general answer that buying an expensive car is totally worth it. At this point, hold on to your emotions. Once you have bought a car that is beyond your budget, it is not the dealer who will have to face the repercussions but you. So look at your monthly expenses and your savings before you hunt for dealers and brands.

3. Make a Proper List

Before starting your research on different cars, sit down with your spouse/family and prepare a list of needs you all have. Of course, everyone in the family will have a different set of objectives from the car, some might need them to go and come back from office, some would need it for travelling purposes, while some want it to drive their children to and back from school.

Thus, sit down with your family and decide what kind of things you expect from a car. This will help you figure out what kind of car you need. Ask questions like how many seats you require in a car? What are the future plans about the kids? What will be daily drive time? On average, how far would you be commuting daily and what sort of comfort you need while driving?

Do you need a car seat if there is a baby in the house? Do you need a spacious trunk to fit in backpacks and luggage? Do you need cup holders and place to keep your snacks?

4. Check out auto loans

Buying a new car can be extremely exorbitant and you might not be able to handle all the expenses by yourself.  Well, the good news is that there are lots of auto loans available. There are a lot of websites who offer good auto loans even for people with bad credit history. This facility is a relief to those who have other expenses to meet as well and this financial help makes your decision to buy a car much easier.

If you want more information about different auto loans, learn about it here.  

5. Consider Used cars for once

This may not sound a good idea but buying old cars can be often as beneficial as new ones. Take a good look at your finances and decide which one you should go for. If you think you will not be able to afford a brand new car right now, then there’s nothing wrong with a used one.

Just make sure you have enough knowledge about cars and the used car you are about to buy is in good condition, Worthy enough to justify your hard-earned money and suitably matching your needs. Used cars can be bought through referrals as well as through the internet. Make sure to check used car prices on the internet and compare them on different websites.

6. Talk to different car dealers

Go online, look for some car dealers and register yourself on different car websites. You will end up getting lots of calls from different car dealers. This may be annoying but definitely an eye-opening experience to gain all the information.  

The more you talk to these different dealers, the more idea you will get about the prices and the better you will be able to negotiate the amount.

7. Set-up test drives

After finding the specific car model you want, make sure to give it a test drive. You can set up a test drive by calling, emailing, or texting the dealer’s internet department.

It is recommended to test drive at least three different vehicles so that you don’t limit your options. Also, if possible, while going for the test drive, try driving the car in both stop-and-go traffic as well as highways.

8. Costing

One thing that most car buyers tend to ignore is the costing. It is not only the cost of the car that you have to bear but a lot of other expenses as well, that come along with the car. Apart from the upfront costs and financial repayments, you must also consider the fuel consumption of the car, taxes, insurance and servicing are some of the expenses that will come to you every now and then.


These are the 8 things that I learned from my experience of buying a car for my family. There will never be a perfect answer to which car is the best buy, your right answer will differ from others because your needs will vary from others. Make sure to enjoy this process of buying a new car, don’t over think but don’t sleep over it either. Be careful, stick to your decision and be happy with your choice.