Luxury Fashion Brands: Facts About Christian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin is one of the most iconic luxury fashion brands in the world. He designs and makes shies that his signature red soles. Over the past few years, he managed to become one of the most sought-after designers ever. He and his shoes’ popularity grew after several fashionistas, and celebrities were seen strutting on the red carpet in his to-die-for shoes that have that iconic red sole. However, even after all the exposure, there are some things that most people don’t know about Christian Louboutin and his shoes. That is why in this article, we are going to give you a list of interesting facts about it.

  • Christian Louboutin left school early – This iconic and successful shoe designer was thrown out of school when he was just fifteen years old. But he never regretted that moment because he saw Sophia Lauren in a documentary where she talked about going back to school later in her life. He thought that he could do the same if he wanted to.
  • Christian Louboutin started out as a landscape gardener – Before he became a shoe designer, Christian Louboutin had a career as a landscape gardener. During that time, he said that he still sees textures and fabrics when he was designing plants and flowers.
  • Christian Louboutin started his shoe designing career in 1982 – He first designed shoes for popular luxury fashion brands such as Yves Saint Laurent and Chanel.
  • He never designs his shoes in Paris – When Christian Louboutin needs to work on his summer collections, he leaves Paris and choose a hot location. When he needs to design his winter collections, he then picks a place that has a cold climate.
  • He began his high-end shoe line in the 1990s – Christian Louboutin opened his first boutique in Paris, France, in 1991. A year after that, he introduced the iconic red soles, which became an icon of elite exclusivity.
  • Red nail polish started it all – the idea of having a red-colored sole was created when Christian Louboutin stole one of his assistant’s nail polish to cover a black sole on a shoe. He ended up liking the result, and since then, he produced and sold his shoes with a red lacquered sole.
  • Christian Louboutin has become a legend in the music industry – His shoes are luxurious and iconic that his brand name was mentioned and referenced in several pop songs over the years. In fact, pop music icon Jennifer Lopez even had a single called “Louboutins.”
  • Christian Louboutin makes shoes out of random things – The iconic designer reportedly made a show from an old Guinness Beer can and it got featured in is Spring Summer collection in 1994. Christian Louboutin loves using extraordinary things for these creations, such as salmon or mackerel. In fact, he even decorated a pair of shoes from the trash that he found in a bin at his factory. He called the pair of shoes his time capsule.
  • Christian Louboutin became successful in his first year of business – The luxury shoe designer managed to sell about 200 pairs of shoes on his first year in the fashion industry.
  • A pair of Louboutin can cost you $495 and up – A crystal-encrusted couple can cost you about $6,000. If you want a custom-made Louboutin shoe, then you better have about $4,000 in your pocket.

More than just shoes – Christian Louboutin also designs and releases Louboutin handbags, which has a signature red fabric inside of them.

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