Most Expensive Toys

Many impassioned toy collectors don’t mind coughing up hundreds or even thousands of dollars just to have those rare little pieces of childhood nostalgia in their own hands.

On the other hand, the rich and famous won’t settle for just an ordinary knickknack — it has to have some bling to it! And their prices obviously aren’t cheap. Some of them even cost more than your average automobile.

Take a look at some of the most expensive toys ever and see why they’re this pricey:

Priciest Pacifier

A baby born with a silver spoon can have this golden Suommo pacifier for $2.5 million! And you’ll be literally dazzled by this pacifier — its has an 18-karat gold and is studded with diamonds! You can say that it’s more like a work of craftsmanship, but this bejeweled pacifier also does justice as a baby’s sucker. When not in use by the child, it can also function as a jewelry piece as a pendant or a collar pin. This is a perfect baby shower gift that will satisfy both the baby and the mommy. It will also make an excellent heirloom piece.


Fetching a price of $25,000, this Nintendo Game Boy is encased with gold and has a screen surrounded by diamonds. This precious handheld game console is created by Aspreys of London and is available for purchase through Swiss Supply. Of course, there are also cables, a case, and a handful of games included in the unit so you don’t have to fret about overspending on this golden (game) boy.


Hammacher Schlemmer came up with their their own personalized re-creation of the popular carnival game, with a retail price of $35,000. It is furnished with remote-control doors and shelves where you can stash your favorite liquor drinks. Mallets are also included in the unit. You can even customize the “moles” to look like someone you dislike, such as your ex.


You won’t believe it at first, but these ride-on giraffes are for real! These plush animals can stand on their own and support a weight up to 68 kilos (or 150 pounds). These meticulously-handcrafted giraffes can be yours at $1,879 each.


When Boba Fett action figures were released in 1980, they didn’t stay long on the shelves but it wasn’t really because they sold well. It’s actually because they were quickly recalled after parents complained about the plastic rockets which the toy discharged. They believed that these rockets would hurt their children. This explains why this toy is extremely rare nowadays, and little wonder about its $5,000 price tag.


This classic drawing toy is studded with 14,400 Swarovski crystals. Company FAO Schwartz came up with these limited-edition swanky Etch-a-Sketch’s for the retail price of $1,500.


Scratch the Cat is a character from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series. You don’t even know about this character? That’s ok, as the character doesn’t appear too often. That and the fact that this toy was produced in few quantities makes Scratch the Cat a rarity nowadays, fetching a price of $1,000 per piece.


This is a toy definitely for the big boys, and with a big price (at $989.99). Just like the petrol-powered go-karts used for racing, the Toy Ferrari Go-Kart has pressurized air tires that give the go-kart excellent traction. Some of these go-karts even come with honest-to-God real gears! This leaves you with more choices depending on the age or size of your kids, the location where your kids would like to ride the Ferrari Go-Kart, and their driving skill.


The production of this particular Hot Wheels toy car was canceled because it wouldn’t fit on the Mattel-made race tracks which the car was originally meant for. Another fact that made the toy not so popular with boys was the vehicle has surfboards jutting out of the rear, although this makes it especially attractive for toy collectors. Only a couple of these toys are existing, and one of the owners of this rare toy is said to have paid a hefty sum of $72,000 just to have it.


Todd McFarlane is a cartoonist, figure creator, and baseball fan who made this particular Babe Ruth action figure, but the hat is blue of instead of black. Only five Babe Ruth figures with a blue hat were produced, and the scarcity makes this toy a rare item. In 2009, it was sold on an eBay auction for a mind-blowing price: $13,600.


Mattel wanted to raise money for breast cancer research. To do so, the company hired the services of Australian jewelry designer Stefano Canturi to come out with a special kind of Barbie. Canturi and Mattel spent about six months until they came out with a Barbie wearing strapless black party dress and a choker consisting of diamonds, including a 1-karat pink diamond in the middle. The doll was bought for $302,000 in 2010.


Released in 1978, the Telescopic Light Saber Darth Vader was originally sold for just $2.49. But these toys were recalled because Darth Vader’s light saber extended and this made it look offensive indeed. There are only a few hundred pieces of these toys available and they can be bought for $6,000 each.


The Darth Vader War Helmet is not just a toy, but actually, a prop worn by Bob Anderson, who served as a double for Darth Vader in the Empire Strikes Back. It now costs a staggering $115,000.


Due to the manufacturing error, Peanut the Royal Blue Elephant turned into a darker shade of blue than what its designers originally wanted. No wonder it became a favorite item among toy collectors. Only about 2,000 pieces are believed to exist, owing to its rarity. The toy’s estimated value reaches up to $5,000.

Junior Off-Roader

Want to buy a gift for your kids that will make them the envy of your neighborhood? Then you must consider the Junior Off-Roader, given that you are filthy rich. This gas-powered kid’s toy will cost you around $40,000. This allows your children to have a real driving experience. With a three-gear drive, fiberglass body, front and rear suspension, stereo, and upholstered seats, and an ability to speed at 30 mph, it almost works like a true vehicle. A well-furnished mini-caravan is also available for the toy vehicle, which can also be bought for an additional $20,000.


The No. 30 truck, which has a light-brown body and a dark red crane, used to be sold at only a dollar each when it first came out. The production of this toy was discontinued in 1965 which eventually led to its rarity. A passionate Matchbox collector by the name of Jim Gallegos was said to have purchased this for $13,000!