Selling or Trading in Your Boat

There might be many reasons why a person sells or trades in his or her boat. Boat owners always keep an eye out for new models that grace the market.

Maybe there is a beauty that you want for yourself. If that is the case, you are in for a treat. There are spectacular boats for sale that are to die for.

You can sell your boat yourself or through a broker. Another option is to trade it in for the one your heart yearns for. For that, you need to know the trade-in value of second-hand boats.

There are two major ways you can increase the value of your boat before selling or trading. The first factor is how the boat looks. The second factor is how you advertise your boat for sale.

Even if you just want the money from the sale, instead of buying a new one, the objective is to get top dollar. Read on to know what you need to sell or trade-in your boat.

How to Sell Your Boat

Once you are sure that you want to sell your boat, a few options stare straight at you.

Do you want to sell your boat all by yourself? Do you want to take help from a broker to sell your boat? Or do you want to trade in your boat to get a brand new one?

Cleaning Up The Boat

You can increase the value of your boat by making it look more attractive and new. This means before you put in the advertisement for the sale it’s a good idea to clean and wax your boat. So, clean it inside out. The interior and exterior both should look brand new.

If your boat has any mechanical problem, fix it. You won’t be able to charge a decent amount of money for your boat if it’s not working properly

Getting Top Dollar For Your Boat

Putting a price on your boat is not as easy as you may think. The trade-in value and retail value will fall depending on usage and the condition of the boat.

Honestly, the book value is only an approximate guideline that you can follow while setting up the price. You can also go through websites that sell second hand and new boats. You will find boats similar to the ones you have. Check out the prices to get an initial idea of the expected price.

Once you have decided on the selling price of your boat, it’s time to advertise. However, don’t be upset if you don’t get any offers right away. What you are charging might not resonate with the market prices. So you might have to lower the price if it is not selling.

Advertising Your Boat

Proper Photographic Representation

Advertising your boat is a crucial factor that helps you get top dollar for your boat. Once you have finished the work of cleaning every part of the boat, take photos.

Use a high-end camera like a DSLR with an expensive lens. If you don’t have a good camera, then hire a professional photographer. The expense is well worth it, as the photos need to demonstrate luxury.

Next, it’s time to photoshop the best of the best from the photoshoot. You don’t want your boat to look unrealistic also at the same time, you don’t want it to look bland either.

The Right Description

Once editing with photoshop is completed, write up an informatic as well as a persuasive description. Don’t exaggerate any point or lie about any features. Instead, present what you have in a way to make it as alluring as possible.

After writing a good description, you are ready to post your content online. There are many websites that act as buy-and-sell platforms for just about anything. There are even sites that specialize in new and second-hand boats.

If your ads look better than your competitor, you have a higher chance of selling your boat. Furthermore, a good advertisement helps you to sell your boat at a higher price too.

Selling Your Boat Online or Traditionally

When it comes to selling your boat, the online option gives you access to many potential buyers. There are many websites specializing in boat sales where you can post ads. All you have to do is type in “boat selling sites” or similar words in Google to access them.

Another option is to post an advertisement in your local newspaper. You can make your offer more alluring by offering free incentives with your boat.

While you are going through websites and newspaper prospects, keep your boat in a high-visibility area. There is no better proof of selling then seeing the boat first hand. The “for sale” sign should be apparent from all angles.

The Right Time To Sell Your Boat

The best time to sell your boat is at the beginning of spring. Late fall is also a good time to sell. Most people don’t want to go out into the water in the heat of summer or in the cold winter.

Get A Broker

A broker takes a portion of the profit from the sale. So, he does all in his power to sell your boat for the highest price. He deals with advertising, marketing, and selling your boat and does it all in the most professional manner to get the best result. For this reason, getting a broker is an intelligent decision that relieves you of all the hard work.

Trading In

Going to a dealer and trading in your boat for a newer brand saves time and effort. However, don’t be shy about negotiating the trade-in value.

You won’t have to clean up your boat as they will do it anyway. After all, they intend to sell it to someone else.

You will have to pay some extra money to the dealer to get a new boat. The procedure is very simple and takes a little time.

Legal Paperwork

Regardless of whether you sell or trade-in your boat, legal paperwork needs to be in order. Registration, title, and maintenance records matter when acquiring or selling a boat.

Final Thoughts

The two most important factors to get top dollar for your boat is how it appears to the buyer and how it was advertised for sale. Other than that, make sure that all your paperwork is in order.

You can sell your boat online or from a high-visibility location. You can also try posting ads in your local newspaper.

The best time to sell your boat is early spring or late fall. That is when people love taking their boats out the most.

Getting a broker eliminates a lot of work for the cost of a slice of the profit. Trading in also means less work. However, you are likely to make more money with a broker.

We hope that you get top dollar for your boat and buy your dream boat. You deserve the best so don’t settle for anything less.