Staying Safe While Working Abroad

For any Westerners like you that have the opportunity to live in a brand new country, having some safety tips that you can follow is a must. This is generally one of the first things that people search for when moving to a new country. Working abroad is something that is gaining traction across the globe. By learning more about the country you’re moving to, you can better prepare yourself to live safely in it. Here are some of the best tips from TRS Global for keeping yourself safe while working in a new country.

Tips For Working Abroad Safely

1. Research The Political and Public Health Climate

One of the most important things you should be doing when you are getting ready to work abroad would be to get educated on both the political and public health climate. Both of these things are crucial if you want to feel safe. This will give you a good idea of what you can expect before leaving for it. You need to know any health risks that are associated with the region you’re moving to. For instance, knowing a place that has a high rate of malaria can be pertinent information to know before moving there. You also want to know more about the politics of the region. That way, you can see whether or not there are human rights violations, civil unrest, or anything else. Getting more informed about what’s going on in the country you’re moving to is a must. That way, you can prep yourself as well as possible to handle them.

2. Understand The Public Transportation System

When you are getting ready to move to a new country to start work, you’re going to want to be informed about what your public transportation options are before going. After all, if you are going to be using the public transportation system, you need to know what options are available and whether or not they are safe. The majority of Westerners living abroad end up getting hurt when they are driving themselves. Therefore, getting familiar with and using the public transportation system can be a good way to keep yourself safer. You want to research the various methods and figure out which one is the best. You’ll find that some options might have more pickpockets and other petty crimes than others. While you can get where you need to go with subways and buses, you want to ensure you are aware of where you’re going during the trip, or else you could find yourself in a bad part of town without even knowing it.

3. Get a List Of Emergency Contacts

You want to try to put together a list of emergency contacts whenever you’re traveling abroad. It’s important to not only have emergency contacts yourself, but also a list of emergency contacts that you can call when out of the country. This includes everything from the US embassy in the region to your credit card hotline. You want to figure out the local embassy’s phone number because you may need to contact them at some point. For additional security measures, you’ll want to establish where the local police are and their contact information. You should do the same thing for the nearest hospital and emergency hotline. That way, you can call on any of these numbers when you find yourself in an emergency.

4. Learn The Laws

An important thing that a lot of people tend to gloss over is learning the local laws. Not every country will have the same laws. You need to know the laws for the place you are moving to before arrival. This includes basic laws such as for driving, public intoxication, and more. This will vary based on where you are going. Try to figure out what is the same and what isn’t and adapt accordingly. What’s completely legal in your home country might be punishable in the country you’re moving to.

5. Try To Blend In

When you are moving to a new country, the last thing you want to do is stand out. This is one of the best ways to keep yourself from getting targeted abroad. You want to dress like a local and even operate like a local. Learning some of the native languages can do wonders for helping you blend in and look like you belong. Also, you want to try to adhere to the local social norms and practices. All of this will keep you from looking like a tourist that is clueless which can make you a less attractive target for criminals.