The Most Expensive Wall Clocks in History

Before, wall clocks are one of the essential items in households, as it is one of the sources of time when at home aside from wristwatches. But as technology advances, many people are no longer using wall clocks at home as they can conveniently check the time from their smartphones, laptops, tablets, and smartwatches.

Even though we now have many modern ways of telling the time, it’s quite difficult to ignore the beauty of timepieces in the past. There has always been an appeal with timepieces, especially old and rare ones. They have always signified a multitude of things, such as astonishing craftsmanship, beauty, and unique technology. This is why timepiece enthusiasts and as well as collectors are driven to get their hands on old, rare, and timeless clocks, which have become expensive.

the Rothschild Faberge Egg clock

Did you know that rare and vintage wall clocks can be worth several millions of dollars? And some of them are from centuries ago. If you are wondering about the most luxurious wall clocks out there, you’re in the right place. Today, we are giving you a list of the most expensive wall clocks in history.

1. Patek Philippe

When it comes to luxury timepieces, Patek Philippe is one of the notable brands out there. It is one of the oldest manufacturers of timepieces in the world, and it has a rich history that dates back to 1839. The company began making pocket watches, but it is also popular for making clocks that are usually available via auction due to rarity.

Wall clocks from Patek Philippe come from the retailers themselves. For many people, owning a Patek Philippe wall clock is a rare opportunity, as it is given only to authorized dealers or retailers in the world. One of the most popular wall clocks they have is the Patek Philipp World Time wall clock, which was modeled after the timepiece of the same wristwatch that was distributed by the brand on their boutiques to promote the launch of the said watch. Today, you can buy a Patek Philipp World Time wall clock at around $39,000.

2. Breguet

Breguet also has a rich history. It began from the accomplishments achieved by its founder Abraham-Louis Breguet. It was founded by the leading watchmaker of his generation. No wonder it boasts a line of timepieces that is valued by many collectors and enthusiasts, even up to the present time.

Today, you can find Breguet wall clocks at auctions. One of the most popular designs they have, and one of the most expensive, too, is the Reine de Naples 8908 wall clock. It is the clock as seen at The Smith Center for the Performing Arts in Las Vegas, which is egg-shaped with a moon phase window and dial. It was a timepiece specially made for the Queen of Naples, Caroline Murat from A.L. Breguet.

3. Thomas Tompion Clock

Clocks of flawless lineage and precision are usually produced in very small quantities. Being one of the only three clocks produced at the turn of the 18th century by Thomas Tompion, the most acclaimed watchmaker in England, no wonder it was purchased at €1.9 million in 1999, which is equivalent to $2.2 million today. It is made of rare gilt brass and tortoiseshell. If ever this clock comes back on to the market again, it will surely be more expensive.

4. Duc d’Orleans Breguet Sympathique Clock

In 2012, this clock was sold at $6 million in an auction at Sotheby’s. It is a clock that dates back to 1795, and it is prized for its rarity, as well. Only 10 clocks with the same mechanism remain functional. No wonder these clocks are very popular when they are available in the market. This clock was restored by an expert and was once in possession of the Time Museum in Rockford, Illinois. It is the most expensive clock sold at auction.

5. Chinese Ormolu Clock

This is a complicated, multi-functioning clock that dates back to 1736-1795. It is one of the most extraordinary and impressive clocks in the world. It is made of gold-plated and engraved copper and ormolu, and it features music and mechanisms. Its construction is an embellishment of flowing vines and flowers made of gilded copper. This clock was sold for $4 million in 2008 at a Sotheby auction in Hong Kong. It is also one of the most expensive clocks sold at auction.

6. Rothschild Faberge Egg

This is not a wall clock, but it is the most expensive timepiece sold. In 2007, this clock was purchased by a Russian collector for €13.5 million or $15.9 million today. This clock was designed for the French Rothschild family as an engagement present. It is translucent pink in color and has precious metals, rare gemstones, and a cockerel which moves every hour to announce the passing of time.

These are some of the highest-priced wall clocks in history. With these timepieces, we can definitely say that time is gold. We hope this post helped you learn more about the most expensive wall clocks in history.