What does it take to spend a royal vacation in Canada?

“Canada is the homeland of equality, justice, and tolerance.”

  • Kim Campell

The overall number of U.S. citizens traveling to Canada has increased significantly from 2014 to 2019. The number rose to 15 million from 11.5 million in a few years and touched new records for real. A massive downfall was witnessed after the global pandemic situation, which changed the statistics drastically.

All such factors and statistics have been giving a massive boost to Canada’s accommodation, travel, tourism, and hospitality industry. And in no time, it all became a major source of income, adding a lot to the nation’s global economy.

What makes traveling to Canada more special?

When talking about travel, most people think of a time where they experience luxury at its best, explore unexplored places, and above all, enjoy every moment spent at the dream travel destination. Well, that’s all you get in Canada. From living in the plush resorts of Canada to visiting exotic travel spots loaded with thrilling adventurous sports, this nation has a lot to offer you. But that’s when you know how to see and experience it.

It won’t be wrong to refer to Canada as a wilderness destination, but surprisingly this country has the plushest range of resorts and hotels to live in. Whether you are planning to stay in British Columbia or Nova Scotia, there are many options available in every corner of Canada. Additionally, here are some ideas to make your travel luxurious than ever before

Get to dine in a royal restaurant – Those who have ever visited Canada can tell you about the plush dining experience it offers. From Jacob’s & Co. Steakhouse to Wayfarer Oyster House, several royal restaurants in Canada explore and dine in. You can have plenty of options in restaurants, offering you a dining experience of a lifetime. Plus, all of these restaurants will offer you different cuisines and a signature dish ten folding your experience.

Visiting the Banff National Park – Some global travelers love to be clicked with a grand and breathtaking background. And if you are one of those, make sure to mark Banff National Park in your itinerary. This place is fantastic, quiet, and too beautiful for words to sit and enjoy in. Get clicked in front of the giant Moraine Lake, giving you a royal look and make your visit totally memorable.

Live in a luxury resort – Imagine yourself in a beautiful backyard of a grand resort, enjoying good music and vaping black cherry gelato in your favorite glass pipe. This must be sounding like a dream to you. But guess what, you can turn this dream into a reality as Canada is home to the most luxurious resorts like Bighorn Meadows Resort and much more. This place is embellished with high-end, well-furnished suites giving you the experience of living like a king while witnessing the bighorn sheep from your rooms’ gallery.


Traveling to Canada can be a remarkable experience, especially when you are heading with a clear plan. There are plenty of luxurious spots unfolding your vacation experience at its best. All you need is to explore all of them and create a lane of beautiful memories for yourself.