World’s Most Exclusive Hotels

Looking to splurge for just a night or two? We have handpicked the world’s most exclusive hotels just for you! Take a look at these!

Auberge du Soleil Rutherford, Calif

This is a gorgeous hotel nestled in a gorgeous location! Guests will admire the Mediterranean-styled architecture while enjoying Napa’s mild climate and the surrounding vines and mustard greens. Not to mention it has a Michelin-starred restaurant, an ultra-modern spa, and a beautiful outdoor deck to revel under the mild Napa sun while sipping the region’s world-class wines.

Casa Palmero, Pebble Beach, California

This former mansion now serves as an exclusive luxury hotel. Fastidious golfers who have enjoyed the splendid architecture and services of the Lodge will instantly love Casa Palmero, the Lodge’s sister hotel. Here, tired golfers (and other moneyed guests) who crave flawless peace, comfort, and relaxation will find them right here at Casa Palmero.


Discriminating glampers will feel instantly at home at the Clayoquot Wilderness Camp. Savor the beauty of nature, immaculate peace, relaxation, and comfort at this trendy tent-filled luxury resort which is only accessible by plane. After an action-packed day of surfing or kayaking, come home to one of the resort tents — and of course, they’re not just any tents! They feature luxurious furnishings such as four-post beds, exquisite Persian rugs, and ultra-comfy duvets. Food and five-hour massage? Almost heavenly!

Curtain Bluff, Antigua

This hotel will set you back at $1,000-$3,000 per night, but everything will be worth the price! Unlimited scuba-diving and deep-sea fishing, kayaking, water skiing, yoga classes, liquors — the whole kit ‘n caboodle! Plus very friendly staff, led by owner Michelle Hulford. She will even personally invite guests for a cocktail every Friday night.


The breathtaking twin Piton mountains serve as an unbeatable view and a backdrop of this luxury hotel created by architect Nick Troubetzko. Its clever design allows guests to view the majestic mountains — which seem to float in the sea — whilst enjoying total privacy. Each sanctuary room features a vast infinity pool, where guests can swim and soak while having an uninterrupted view of the twin mountains.


One of the many things unique to Manor House Suite at Rosewood London in Holborn is that it has its own postcode which no other hotels have. Designed by Tony Chi, this luxury lodging feels more like an opulent downtown apartment than the traditional hotel.


Another one of the world’s most expensive hotels in the Royal Suite Burj al Arab. The hotel’s Royal Suite on the 25th is opulent and stately. It has a grand hallway constructed with marble floors and a golden staircase. Lavish furniture and fixings, private cinema, library, pantry, and personal staff service, plus bedrooms with rotating beds. A price tag of a little over $17,000 for the whole suite will set you back, though, but you will definitely feel like a royal there.


If you’re willing to pay $13,000 to spend a night at the Four Season’s Coral Suite, you will be rewarded with exceptional things while you are there. The casita has five bedrooms and offers a stunning view of the ocean. It has a rain shower, Vichy massage treatments, media room, and a fully functional kitchen. Cabanas are situated by the poolside, where guests relax while sipping cool and fresh fruit smoothies.


This splendid hotel is situated beside the Lake Pichola in the heart of Rajasthan. The Oberei Udaivilas reaps praise for its assiduous attention to detail — from the velvety parasols to the traditional welcoming of all guests who come to the hotel by boat. All of these things, as well as the atmosphere, throws you back to the grand lifestyle of the Maharajahs.


Discerning golfers will find a haven at this resort in Scotland. The Old Course Hotel sits on the St. Andrews Links golf course, one of the oldest golf courses on the planet. Golfers and non-golfers alike will enjoy splendid scenery from most of the hotel rooms. Guests will revel in the stunning old-world architecture as well as modern comforts likea state-of-the-art swimming pool with cascading fountains, thermal suites as well as hydro pools. Luxuriate in marbled bathrooms inside deluxe suites if you’re willing to pay $1,800 per night.


The 1930s French colonial townhouse was renovated to become a luxury hotel. Guests will enjoy various amenities like an iPod deck, iBook, rain showers, Jacuzzi, and a rooftop dining nook. And it’s all for $250 a night! Luxury doesn’t have to be necessarily expensive.


Enjoy luxury and service in the grand old way at the legendary five-star hotel the Ritz in Paris. Enjoy opulence that evokes the era of the French kings and noble people. Richly decorated suites, rooms, and furnishings. Pull the fancy velvet cord to call the maids and valets whenever you need something, while wallowing in you room’s lush luxurious bathroom.


Guests will have a unique experience at the Twelve Apostles Hotel and Spa, located right at the foot of the splendid Table Mountain. Since it is also located near the beach, choose any of the two majestic views to heart’s content — the mountains or the ocean. The biggest perk of the hotel is the chance to see whales and dolphins while being pampered with a massage.


The Villa la Cupola is the biggest suite in Italy, occupying both the fifth and the sixth floors of the Westin Excelsior and it costs a little over $20K! It’s not just grand in size and scope, but also grand in its design and furnishings. The best and most talked-about areas are its domed living room with a cupola filled with frescoes, and the indoor swimming pool designed with a Pompeian style in mind, as well as the seven terraces. Actually, pretty much all of it is exquisite.