How to Choose the Best Wine Rack to Store Wine

Every good connoisseur of fine palatable spirits usually has some way to store wine, and you don’t ever want to go without. Of course you can buy bottle by bottle, but everyone also knows that wines get sweeter and taste better over time. Therefore, it’s usually a good idea to find a good wine rack so you can store your wines. There are many different styles of wine racks, and we’ll get into a couple here, but most importantly we’ll also tell you how to choose the best wine rack for you.

Types of Racks

There are numerous different types. Wall-mounted wine racks for example are excellent additions to your kitchen or dining room, so you can have a nice little rack to store your bottles out of the way. Just make sure that when you mount them that the rack is hung correctly and in the right position, level, and where you can reach it. You don’t want to put it on a wall that doesn’t have studs behind it either, because this can cause more of a mess.

If you wish to have a more elegant hands-on experience, you can choose countertop wine racks, floor racks that are near your serving area, hanging racks, under cabinet space, or even other custom ones. Consider where you’re going to be wanting your wine to be available at, and you may want to invest in more than one type if you want to have a readily available selection, as well as store more away for future use.

Think About What You Need

You need to think mainly about how much space you’re going to need. The average bottle of wine is about 11.8 inches tall and almost 3 inches wide. Alone with this, you need to consider the style of your wine rack so you can pick one that compliments your home. Use a bit of designer antics in order to get this part done. If you don’t have one, try consulting in an interior designer in order to find out what works for your home décor.

Material is also equally important, as well as the cost of the wine rack. You don’t want to spend too little, or you’re going to get a wine rack that you paid for, and if you’re not making it yourself, you may end up with a rack that simply isn’t durable enough.


If you’re looking for the best custom wine racks for your home, you might consider going to a store dedicated to the cause4 of storing your wines. The Wine Rack Shop makes things easier by being Australia’s top provider for wine racks that are both efficient and affordable.

With a large variety of sizes, colors, and materials available, you can be sure to find the perfect wine rack whether it be for your business, or just for your home. You might even find the perfect rack to go into your basement or wine cellar as well with the huge amount of choices you have for floor racks.